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Bottom Tabbed Page for Xamarin Forms (Android)

Material Design Bottom Navigation Page for Xamarin Forms

Since the beggining of the time ( 2014 For Xamarin.Forms ) It was "difficult" display a TabbedPage on the bottom for Android in Xamarin.Forms but thanks to @mikescandy and @PureWeen the time has come to easily do this without a Custom Renderer or a NuGet package.

The only thing you need to do is:

1.- Install the latest pre-release Xamarin.Forms NuGet package on your project.
( Current version )
( I hope that this is going to a stable release soon. )

2.- Set the toolbar placement on code behind with this line of code:


like this:

And it will render something like this:


And that is pretty much it! Simple. (as it always should have been...)

To follow up the progrees of this feature, here is the ticket:

Thanks to the Xamarin.Forms community we are going to have this improvements from now on. You can review and contribute to enhancements and new features here:


As always here is the source code :)


Bottom Tabbed Page for Xamarin Forms (Android)
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