Xamarin UITest Recorder Tutorial

Have any of you guys heard about Xamarin UITest recorder? Let me rephrase my question, have any of you guys used Xamarin Test Recorder before? probably your answer may be "No", Why's that? The only reason I am thinking about is because you don't even care about this tool or You don't know it existed.

Anyways, that is why I wanted to show you How Xamarin UITest Recorder works and how it can improve the way you code your apps.

Personally I believe that this tool can accelerate the development process and continuos integration of your released applications by doing automated "Smoke tests" to your app. (The reason I quote this phrase is because complex Test cases may involve some more work on how to automate this process better and do it more dynamically.)

So here is a short video explaining you the process of using the Xamarin UITest Recorder:

Wrapping up

On a second post I will show you how to integrate your recorded test on your Xamarin UITest project so you can customize it as your needs.

Here is the link to download the Xamarin Test Recorder and please don't hesitate for any comments or questions!

Xamarin Test Recorder Download

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Xamarin UITest Recorder Tutorial
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